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Dr. Tom Payne is Co-Director of internationally acclaimed UK/Australian performance company Doppelgangster. Formed in 2015, with support from National Theatre Wales and Wales Lab, Doppelganster features ongoing creative collaboration with award winning Australian performance-maker and playwright Tobias Manderson-Galvin.

The company has an explicit focus on climate change, forced migration, and corporatism, and has worked in partnership with, among others, Cape Farewell, Arts House Victoria, Chapter Arts, MKA Theatre, Aberystwyth Arts Centre, National Theatre Wales, Off the Shelf, and The Climate Change Commission for Wales. 

Credits include Doppelgangster's TITANIC (2015), Baby (2016), Everybody Loses (2017), TREEFXXXERS (2018), Doppelgangster's Cold War (2019), and Radio Plague (2020).  These works, and others, have been performed variously at venues and festivals in the UK, France, Spain, Greece, Singapore, Latvia, the Czech Republic, and Australia. 

Collaborating artists include Jules Pascoe, Kerith Manderson-Galvin, Wilson Liew aka KATZTROFK, Becky Payne, Ruby Donahoe, and Sarah April Lamb. 

Doppelgangster operates DEEP WATER, an artist mentoring programme designed to support emerging and established artists who are engaged in developing new creative practices aligned with the themes explored through the ongoing work of the company. 

"One of the world's leading environmental and political activist theatre companies” 

The Star (UK)

“Punk, Surreal and most definitely subversive” 

- Straylight (UK)

“Putting the Dada into climate danger” 

- Cape Farewell

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