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REVIEW: Doppelgangster's TITANIC @ Experimentica15

November 6, 2015

 Image | Warren Orchard


[The Following is a review of Doppelgangster's TITANIC by James Ellis from the Sprout]

Recovering from the “high” of the first day (of Experimentica Festival), I ventured softly to the second day of Experimentica, full of all sorts of delights. Slightly tired and in need of more than a healthy amount of coffee, I paced myself for a lengthy day…


The next show was from Doppelgangster with their take on Titanic. Utilising James Cameron’s film and his awards speeches, the piece looked at the “truth” of the real disaster, with survivor testimonials as well. The uncertainty of the events that “night to remember” are still shrouded in mystery and the show looks at the comprises from the film. We still don’t know for certain what the band’s last song was and just how the ship broke into two and crashed onto the ocean floor. We may never know…


Taking place inside a shipping crate just outside of Chapter, it began to rain and we were handed emergency ponchos. Half the audience left during the show. My poncho seemed keen to leave as well, the wind constantly bloating it away from my body. This performance art was very hard work, the microphones didn’t work half the time and I left it totally baffled.


An Australian man quoted Cameron and floundered around, urinating into a champagne bucket at the start, inducing vomit later on. Two other actors quoted the film as Kate and Jack, flinging props around. The smoke and pianola were a nice touch. The show was too free and easy with the source material, some would say being totally disrespectful to the victims of the disaster. Had this show gone on more, I feel I may have contracted hypothermia myself…

I’m beginning to understand the truth…



Titanic: 1 stars





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