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Floatation Device

September 25, 2016

Last December Doppelgangster met up with Art of Change 21 at the Grand Palais, in Paris. We were shooting an episode of Doppelgangster DEAD at the COP21 Solutions Exposition. They were running a participatory arts project called Maskbook, which was located in the exhibition hall alongside displays by a whole heap of major carbon emitting corporations like Coca Cola, Engie and Renault Nissan. 


Maskbook flips the potentially worrisome image of the mask in order to make it a means of expressing everyone’s creative originality and ecological solutions. Maskbook’s objectives are to mobilize people’s awareness regarding the impact of climate change on health through art and culture. It aims to create a one-of-a-kind collaborative and worldwide piece of art in order to offer EVERYONE a means of participating in the protection of the environment by promoting creative and ecological ideas and solutions. 


Mask making as gentle collaborative protest. This is my mask:


Photo credit | Art of Change 21

I'm posting this now because Art of Change 21 just sent me this picture. The yellow life jacket is real. The 50 euro notes, the ice and the polar bear are not. 


COP21 Solutions Exposition:


In case you're not familiar with COP21 Solutions, these two episodes of Doppelgangster DEAD give an idea of what it was like: 


 Man With Beard - Doppelgangster DEAD S01E11 (December 2015).


The Ministerial Attaché - Doppelgangster DEAD S01E10 (December 2015).



Art of Change21's Director Alice Audouin asked Toby and me to come back and perform our radical protest performance Oxygen Support at the closing of the Exposition. 


That's us below, performing at Maskbook in the Grand Palais.


Oxygen Support

Photo credit | Alice Audouin, Art of Change 21


Photo credit | Art of Change 21








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